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Romeo/Pompous Teal

funny enough, both Romeo's and Pompous' personalities were based off of two characters from a manga I once read but never finished.
Parfait Tic!

Ichi Shinpo as Romeo Teal

and Daiya Shinpo as Pompous Teal

Romeo Teal
Pompous Teal

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  1. *Swoooon*

    I just re-fell in love with that manga. I love it!! Those images just brought back so many memories of reading manga in the dead of the night...AmAZING!!

    You got Daiya and Ichi perfectly!

    ...I never got to finish it either. Mangafox never got all the chapters up...

  2. Anonymous4/4/11 11:37

    where is popous teal's hair from?

  3. Anonymous4/4/11 11:37