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Grant Wish



  1. Anonymous2/11/10 23:50

    Hello Kitty.

    Welcome to Creator's Corner. I have added Jarek, Meeka, Blush, Lynne, Squirrel to the updates for today. I did not see a CC list for Grant. Could you please double check to make sure that any CC used on him is listed and then let me know. Once I hear back from you in the I Have Something New forum, I will upload Grant.

    Your sims are great and welcome again to Creator's Corner.


  2. hiya kitty.
    i was wondering, can you give me the link to his hairstyle please? thankyou!

  3. type "unlockoutfits on" in your cheat bar et voilĂ ! ;)

  4. thankyou xx
    i love your sims btw!! great work!

  5. Now that i've wiped my drool - can you put the link here for their story that made everybody so heartbreak when they broke up?

  6. well.. their story is mostly described in a few of my TOXIC entries in which I used Meeka as my model, meaning it's never really been "written" as a complete story.

    here's a recap:

    being somewhat of an internet phenomenon, Meeka's gotten pretty used to the trials and tribulations of being (mildly) famous. her flatmate often tires of how she feels the need to vlog about everything that happens in her life, but sees her status as a nice way to get around to promoting his band's music. with a love for all that is girly, Meeka is pretty much your average Jane, just less boring and more eccentric. she's the kind of pretty you can't help but subscribe to, which is why her fanbase was determined to get her to sign up for a modeling competition.

    "having all the money in the world. growing up in a big mansion. such trivial things to a child's mind. back when I was a little girl, I was wrapped in nothing more than riches. very fortunate, you'd say, but all that glitters, unfortunately, is not gold. I was a very lonely child, one that tried just about anything to get her parents' attention instead of the maid's. I used to climb on the roof a lot in hopes they would see me, really see me, and beg me to come down. I almost fell off once when I tried to take things a bit further, but it didn't scare me. the great abyss that flashed by me in just mere seconds seemed nothing compared to the loneliness I was trying to cope with. two days later, I bumped into Grant at the playground, the moment that changed my life forever. I knew I'd never fall again, except for heavily in love."

    as you can see, their story is very little. I think it just became somewhat commonly known that Meeka and Grant were dating and going at it in a lovely matter as well.

  7. Anonymous5/2/11 04:12

    What skin do you use on grant?

  8. the same I use on any other sim. link can be found on the right.

  9. Anonymous11/4/11 13:02

    What make up do you use on Grant?

  10. HA! I'm glad you asked, because I occasionally see Grant twirling around with bright pink cheeks and purple eyelids..

    he uses regular EA ones~
    a dark but mute tone for his eyes and a faded brown for his cheeks.

    both faded into oblivion, preferably, so he won't look like a somewhat beautiful transvestite. :D