to install my sims, download the file and place it in My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims

om mijn sims te installeren, download de file en plaats hem in Mijn Documenten/Electronic Arts/De Sims 3/SavedSims


Nami Tea


feel free to leave questions about CC in the comment section below!

Nami's reference sheet can be found >> here <<


  1. Meago and Fudgelette will be up next! :)

  2. ooo can't wait to snatch up Meago too

  3. Hey...On the off chance that I ever get round to it, im starting a legacy and I was wooooondering...If maybe perhaps I could use Nami in it? not as like, a contributer to the genetics or anything, just as a friend of my founder/ess?

    And uhms, do you see her more in an art gallery or as a chefy person?

  4. oh yes absolutely!

    and can I just say: thanks for asking! it means a lot to me that you'd consider me to be the judge of that! ..I think I'd go for more of a "chefy" person. I like to think of Nami as creative, but not in the artsy kind of way. :)
    (though if it suits your story line better, go right ahead!!)

  5. Problem; whenever I go into cas to try and get her out, she comes up with Grim Reaper skin (all black with shiny spots) and uhm, crashes my game.